By learning new tools, building on existing strengths and understanding one’s needs, wants and values, one is able to show up as an empowered individual.

Counselling focuses on transformation by actively engaging in processes and defining solutions that deliver and ensure sustainable growth.   UACT and ICR accredited.

These tools and approaches when implemented and practised in one’s personal and business environment ensure that what you aspire to be – both personally and professionally is who you become.

 Coaching assists you to develop a plan to live a fulfilled life, based on the decisions you make for yourself and the people you inspire and attract into your life. The work is inspiring and the changes are remarkable when people commit to the process! You are the answer to your questions.

The benefits of counselling and coaching personally and professionally

  • Coaching creates the space and the support to create sustainable change and growth.
  • Develop the tools to show up authentically and congruently in all areas of your life both personally and professionally.
  •  Develop a solutions-driven approach to moving forward in life by setting goals and creating plans to get to where one wants to be!
  •  Become the very best version of yourself!
  •  Develop trust and accountability with oneself and one’s relationships.
  •  Create a life free of habit-forming behaviour.
  •   Reconnect with oneself in a healthy, responsive way
  •  Learn to identify and avoid triggers and urges.
  •  Understand and deepen personal and professional relationships.
  •  How to undertake long- and short-term goal setting and action planning.
  •  Rediscover one’s personal beliefs, values and desires.
  •  Understand one’s needs and wants and how to be set healthy boundaries
  •  Explore healthy lifestyle choices.

 Coaching is not a replacement for medical, psychiatric or therapeutic services. Coaching is designed to support and empower individuals as part of their personal and professional growth and development. Before stopping or decreasing the use of habit-forming substances it is essential to seek medical advice and support. If you are under the care of a medical or mental health professional please ensure that you seek their advice and consult around your substance-use disorder and mental health care.

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