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“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” Dr Wayne Dyer


A little share with you about who Marc from healings with Marc is and what  I do…

Growing up, I knew I was different. My interests, thoughts & abilities were different from my peers. I was blessed to have had an extremely close relationship with my great – grandmother who referred to me as an ‘old soul’. Listening to people and understanding what they are saying has always come naturally to me. My heightened intuition instinctively provided me with the ability to hear, comprehend and interpret exactly what people were really saying at a very young age. 

My own trauma especially the tragic loss of my stepfather who passed in my arms at the scene of a car accident ensured I developed mechanisms and tools that have equipped me to deal with some of the toughest experiences in my life. I am grateful for each hardship and challenge I faced along my life journey. They have taught me; through immense pain, we experience real growth, that problems are really opportunities for extraordinary outcomes and from each new door that opens there is something more to learn, especially about myself. 

I am a caring person with a passion for people. I am energised and challenged sharing my knowledge and empowering people to embrace their differences, confront their daily adversities and welcome the opportunity to “ know thy self”. I would be honoured if you would allow me to show you how to channel your energy while opening your mind to self-discovery and self-healing.

Unique to my healing protocol is my ability to use muscle kinesiology, a simple muscle checking technique to identify and check whether or not, additional healing modalities need to be integrated together with your core treatment of choice and what exactly your healing protocol should be for optimum benefit.

While muscle checking is a powerful and meaningful tool to identify your optimum healing protocol, I need to explain that muscle checking is also an accurate tool for me the practitioner to receive permission and confirm your bodies need to include one or more healing modalities into your treatment, as it is important that you understand  that the healing process is entirely yours, as the practitioner i am merely facilitating your healing process by collecting  information to  assists you with your journey to health and wellness.

 By engaging a practitioner to facilitate your treatment, you give them permission to communicate with your energetic field and your muscles provide the practitioner with a yes/no, on/off response to a specific question which when used instinctively, guarantees that the practitioner does not project their needs onto your healing and validates and confirms that the practitioner’s intuition is in fact beneficial to be included in your healing process 

For example

During a Reiki treatment, I may feel intuitively that the client may benefit from the inclusion of a crystal balance and/or colour therapy or both need to be included. I simply muscle check to get a yes or no response, to include it without interrupting the client or the treatment.

Similarly, a client may have come for a tarot reading and I need to clarify an issue using transpersonal numerology or a message from a loved one that has passed over comes through. It is important for me to muscle check to see whether or not the client is open to receiving the message.

All Additional modalities integrated into a single treatment are included in the single treatment price.

I am a co-founder of the Reiki Guild South Africa – click here for more information.


"Marc is an incredible person. He is passionate about his healing work and it shows in everything he does." - Angela Parnell Whitehouse


"Got the clarification that I was looking for...

So much passion and love go into Marc's readings...

Very happy with the outcome...!" - 

Rushka Lee Pedro


"Such a talented and special soul. His intuition and advice are unbelievable. I’d go back a hundred times over."  - Gabrielle Maxine Abrahams


"Had kinesiology with Marc today. Totally unbelievable. Marc your professional output was amazing and your tenderness and care to my emotional outburst really blew me away. Thank you for assisting me in my road to healing". - Kim Saevitzon 


"Marc is an excellent Reiki healer. He is fully accredited through the Reiki Association of Southern Africa and this is evident in the exceptionally high quality of his healing work. I can recommend him with confidence." - Karen Lange


"This is an amazing young man. I am a reiki master and Marc helped me with the loss of my husband. I had a reading and he’s the real deal. Kind and full of encouragement." - Dianne Finch

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